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Affiliate Marketing

It should come as no surprise that I’m very “pro” affiliate programs and marketing. If a product or service has a real value to it, I’m always happy to share it. If it happens to have an affiliate program, well that’s just a win-win-win. I was going to share it anyway.

Affiliate marketing isn’t new, and I believe that as long as it’s being done above board (where people are informed that the person recommending the product/service will receive some form of compensation for sharing) its a great way to help companies get their products and/or services in front of more people. Growth Hackers Unite!

Affiliate Marketing is a growth hacking strategy (marketing is dead, long live marketing!!) If you’re a dropbox user, you likely remember that when dropbox started, they would give away free space to anyone who shared dropbox with their friends. (simplistic example of affiliate marketing).

Amazon has a huge affiliate system, If you drive traffic to a product on Amazon and someone buys (not only what you drove the traffic too but anything in the same session), Amazon cuts you a cheque for a % of the sale. This is another, very simplistic form of passive or residual income and honestly, it makes sense. Why wouldn’t a company want to thank you for sending them traffic? (providing the traffic is legitimate). It helps them grow their business.