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PTBO Game Jam 02 – Bigger & Better

The second instalment of the PTBO Game Jam happened this past weekend. It was absolutely Bigger and Better! Over 100 Game Designers, Developers, Artists, Hobbyists, Students & Professionals came together for the 45 hour game building marathon and a total of 33 games were made! (see for the published games) We started Friday evening […]


PTBO Game Jam – The Inaugural Event

The PTBO Game Jam had its first event this past weekend in beautiful Peterborough Ontario.   Matthew Davey of dotBunny asked me to speak during the pre-jam session, I presented some food for thought for the “jammers” to consider while designing their games. I also went over a “non-traditional” approach to game design, the same approach […]

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Affiliate Marketing

It should come as no surprise that I’m very “pro” affiliate programs and marketing. If a product or service has a real value to it, I’m always happy to share it. If it happens to have an affiliate program, well that’s just a win-win-win. I was going to share it anyway. Affiliate marketing isn’t new, […]