game design

Tonight I had a MeetUp at triOs Toronto where I presented / lectured / gave an interactive workshop on game design. About a dozen people came out, and I think everyone had a good time and learned some useful stuff 🙂

I recorded the event but the video quality and angle of camera were off (way off). I want to put it together as a little crash course and give it away for anyone interested in my musings.

It reminded me that I need to take some “right actions” in my life and personal projects and move them forward (this includes getting my site back in order, its been in this 1/2 rebuilt sate for way too long now).

It also reminded me that there is still a HUGE NEED for a good way to connect developers and artists that are looking for each other. I know this has been tried before but I have some ideas … if anyone wants to seriously pursue this niche with me, or knows something about it (I’m really just having random thoughts) shoot me an email and we can discuss 🙂

Have a PDF of the slides I presented from Game Design Workshop (2015)

And someone call bullshit on me in a week if I haven’t made some reasonable progress please!

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