The Indie Game Scene Podcast

The Indie Game Scene Podcast or TIGS Podcast is a side project I’ve been trying to get off the ground for almost four years now. (Put that in your overnight success pipe and smoke it). I’m happy to report that I’ve finally managed to get some traction. (Extra special thanks to my mastermind group for kicking me in the ass and holding me accountable).

An interview styled, “weekly” podcast where I interview the indie game makers of today. Ideally, right as they launch, but always after the big “publish” button has been pressed. We (the indies of the world), want to help the Indie community (it’s not like other communities i’ve been a part of). The best way I could come up with, was to let the “up and comers” hear from those that have gone before them.

I’ve watched, as numerous indies built out something in a silo, struggled for far too long on a project because they couldn’t find the help they needed, or let fear and/or perfectionism hold them back. There are only a handful of things worse than watching someone release to the sound of crickets. Especially if they have pored their heart and soul into their work and actually produced a fun game.

The goal of the Indie Game Scene is simple. I want to help the indie game makers of the world be more successful by building a solid community. Interviewing the indies that publish and diving into their “lessons learned” so that some pitfalls can be avoided and best practices can be embraced. There is clearly a need that’s not being met and I’m positive that this is going to resonate with a lot of people.

I’m starting with the podcast and website for episode notes. Shortly, I want to expand to include blog entries on design, development, publishing and the business. (Things that are important). In time, I want to put together some short and succinct online courses that are very granularly focused. But that’s down the road. I can envision this as a community, an actual community of game makers.

Just like games, a podcast built in a silo is a bad idea. I can’t do it on my own. Help is required. Do you have a game you’ve just published? Willing indies to interview is a must, Working audio equipment is a must, People, smarter than me, to show me the ways of the audio engineer so I can wear that hat effectively, to bring enthusiasm and ideas to the table. Smart people, that get shit done, that are as passionate about this community as I am are needed. People to write content, tell stories and share their experiences.

Want to help? Comment below!