Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Podcast

If you’re interested in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), or think you might be interested in these technologies, you need to be listening to the Animator’s Guide to Virtual Reality podcast with Rick Dolishny ( iTunes | Android | Web ).

When Rick and I finally got to meet in real life for the first time, he selected a Starbucks just down the street from my house. There was no-way I would miss the opportunity, considering that the last few times we tried to meet for a coffee, something came up (the first world problems of productive people). Rick and I have more then a few things in common. Were both geeks in our own right, we’re both pragmatic, both organized, and we’re both in beautiful Peterborough Ontario Canada.

We’ve been virtual friends for a little more then a year, between the mutual MeetUp groups we belong too and the twitterz, we’d had a half dozen conversations across the Interwebz. His exciting new venture ( is a VR Animation Studio and he is full focused on the up and coming technologies of VR but from the perspective of his own background in TV/Film/Animation, which is a really nice change of pace from the hard core, techie, development standpoint most VR podcasts are coming from.

We did a pre-interview over a coffee to discuss his take on this re-emerging technologies and my (somewhat tainted) view of the hype that I just can’t believe. It was a good lengthy conversation and I was very humbled to be asked to be on his show. During the actual interview we re-discussed some of the more poignant points and I rambled a bit (expected) but it was an absolute blast. Thanks again Rick!

I won’t give away the whole episode, you can have a listen to it for yourself, but some of the key points of interest (for me) were that google glass isn’t dead. Rick knows a guy thats using AR to see the life left on lights in theater and that we both agree the price points need to come down for this amazing technology to take off.