Current Projects


Website Update

After a very long time, I've finally managed to get my OWN site updated! Stay tuned as I get the additional features of the site integrated and the old blog posts put back in. There is plenty of fresh content to come!


The Indie Game Scene is an all inclusive, aspiring community and podcast for game makers, by game makers. Working with the Indie Game Community we're producing a podcast that we hope is available on iTunes by the end of the summer.

Ethical Marketing

Not one of MY projects but Emmy Jonassen's (Indie Game Girl). This Badge represents a pledge to support, practice and advocate for ethical marketing in video games. (Which I whole heartedly DO!). Emmy has a great blog that Everyone interested in the Indie scene should be reading and following!

What do my clients think?


“Most amazing program ever”

“I was trying to manually separate about 150 pages in a .pdf document. When I mentioned it to Robert, he created a program to split it for me. It went from taking 2-3 hours a day to less than a second! Way to increase my productivity!!”

Game Design

game design

Tonight I had a MeetUp at triOs Toronto where I presented / lectured / gave an interactive workshop on game design. About a dozen people came out, and I think everyone had a good time and learned some useful stuff I recorded the event but the video quality and angle of camera were off (way […]