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Vibrational Essence. Serial Entrepreneur. Agilist. Business Owner. Consultant & Coach. Adjunct College Professor. Web, App & Game Creator, Designer & Developer. Faculty Head. CTO, CEO, Freelancer. Creative. Human Doing; - Robert French

Welcome to my home on the Internetz! I'm Robert French; a (reasonably) well-rounded geek who's been programming, coding, learning, designing & developing, things, apps, tools and games over the past four (or so) decades. I've been an educator, mentor, advisor and coach to many, many, many folks for more than twenty years. I deeply enjoy helping others in any way that I can, and believe that the only 'dumb' question is the one you don't ask. Helping others experience 'light bulb' moments is so meaningful to me. I'm also a pragmatic Agilist, Technical Coach, systems thinker and a life-long learner. Let's journey a bit together!

Poke around, there is always something new to discover, it's all 'work in progress' (just like me).

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