About Me

T.O. Jam 7 (the Sevening) - Part of Project Overboard

T.O. Jam 7 (the Sevening) – Part of Project Overboard

So I’m Robert French – ( in case you missed that from the domain you’re on ) – I guess I better start off with a disclaimer and let you know up-front that I suffer from “Jack Assidy”. I really DO mean that I suffer from it. Perhaps it’s an overactive wit or perhaps it’s my dry and sarcastic sense of humor, I’ll let you decide. :-p On the positive side of being a jackass, I always call a spade a spade and you will always know where I stand. If you value honesty, integrity and someone who isn’t afraid to tell you how it is – ( even if I’m a bit brash ) – we will probably get along just great!

I think the “about me” is a strange thing, I want you to get a feel for the real me and show off my awesome, authentic self, but I also want to be concise and not so verbose that it reads like a biography.

Life Lesson – When in doubt, keep it simple.

The Corporate / Press BIO

If you’re looking for something to use professionally because we work together, use the following … mix and match / tweak as needed. This is also good for those of you that just want the “Executive Summary” of me.

Robert is a seasoned [ designer / developer / geek ] who has been [ programming applications / building things / making games / geeking out ] for just over three decades. He has been an [ educator / consultant ] since the late 1990’s and his fun but direct approach to everything he does is both efficient and effective. Robert is a man of integrity, a great team [ player / lead ] and a valuable asset to all of our endeavors.

The Personal BIO

If you search around for me on the Internetz you will likley come across …

Just as thoughtless words are wasted …

Any man who tries to feed an albino gerbil mustard sauce is very strange and should be left well alone!

There’s a story here … the above BIO was originally my graduation speech ( in it’s entirety ) when I graduated “summa cum laude” from college. See, I have a deep appreciation for thoughtful expression and the typical graduation speech of ‘I just couldn’t have done it without you … mom … dad … pookie … snookums … blah blah blah’ has always sounded in-authentic and like the person reciting it didn’t actually plan a graduation speech.  So in my own smecial way (no that’s not a typo), I crafted a short and funny speech full of “thoughtful” words (or so I thought).

The real problem was how nervous I was, I accepted my diploma(s) and award(s), got up to the podium and opened my mouth. What came out was my speech but it came out so fast nobody really caught what I said. Awkward silence and stares from the assembly … was I hearing crickets? I smiled and waved and left. Awkward moment in front of an assembly of a few hundred people … that’s a big old check .

Public Speaking Lesson – If you don’t feel like you’re talking at a tortoise pace, you’re speaking too fast.
A few people came up to me after the ceremony and asked me what the hell I had said, they heard something about an albino mustard or thoughtful gerbils. * face palm *
Life Lesson – Embrace and accept the awkward moments, there is always a good take-away for you.
In my case, the take away became my personal BIO for the rest of my life and a funny story (in retrospect) about a super awkward moment I had in my early 20’s.

Why should you care?

I’m a pretty cool dude, even if I did just say that in a shameless self promotion tactic. Actually, you should care because one of the driving forces in my life is to be helpful, a man of value. Have an idea you want to bounce off someone? Not sure where to start with a project? Need some accountability in your life? Looking to get more organized? Interested in building passive income? Trying to learn (just about) anything related to programming / software (or) web (or) video game – design (and/or) development? Want to help make a real positive change in the world?

Reach out, I’m pretty good at responding and like to make new authentic connections!