PTBO Game Jam 03 – Retro Flashback

The third instalment of the PTBO Game Jam was a “Retro Flashback” … How quickly things grow in just a year.

The turnout was an amazing 60 or so “Jammers” (Game Designers, Developers, Artists, Hobbyists, Students & Professionals) who came together for the 32 hour game building marathon. A total of 21 games were made! See this Friday for the published games, the Game Jam provides 5 days post jam to polish and publish the games that were made.

We started Friday evening with an Educational block for about 50% of the jammers, presented by yours truly and Matt Davey, after the 02 teach being time crunched, this three hour block un-impeded was just about ideal. This event we built out the classic game “Arkanoid” We took a short 10 min break 1.5 hours in to stretch and move around. Matt showed off how Unreal Engine and Blueprints works to accomplish the same logic that I coded into Unity with C#. I think it was a great contrast.

My test run of the material had me at two hours and 30 minutes, and the final run was about the same, we did a short QA and then tossed in some additional mechanics that came from the audience. A pickup to “catch” the ball. Ultimately, everyone got something out of it and It was a lot of fun. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the code I wrote, you can download or fork it from the Liftlock, public github repository here.

The sense of community that we get from these events is unparalleled. A HUGE thanks to all the Jammers for making 03 an amazing weekend!

Matthew Davey of dotBunny has absolutely raised the bar for the Peterborough Game Development Scene and I’m proud to have him as a colleague and friend here in the Pdot. Keep your eyes on the PTBO Game Jam website for the details of PTBO Game Jam 04 coming back for more next year. And if you’re in the PTBO area on the third Wed of any moth, check out the PTBO Game Dev Meetup Matt and I Run.

Special thanks to my own team, Stacey Vetzal, A long time colleague and talented development coach did an amazing job picking up the in’s and out’s of the Unity environment (which can be quite counter intuitive to seasoned developers) and Ryan Vencer, an up and coming indie game dev. These two really did an outstanding job, Having me on their team can undoubtedly be frustrating with the volume of interruptions I manage (from other jammers needing help, or the event itself needing some of my time). We also utilized the amazing talents of two floaters this year (Rick Dolishny, who did a fantastic job with our modelling needs (totally nailed it) and Alex Maletich, who composed and cranked out our audio incredibly fast and got exactly what we were after from just a short conversation). – Watch for the Liftlock entry on itch (TRON).